new year requienscence

Grouse Mountain

The world asks of us
only the strength we have and we give it.
Then it asks more, and we give it.  – Jane Hirshfield

While I was ascending the mountain, sun a melted puddle of light behind me, my face towards the summit. I turned around and caught this vista. The curve of earth steady & discernible. The new year is meant for looking forward; learning from the past. We are imperfect, beautiful, becoming. I am reminded of Pema Chodron’s dictum to “start where we are.”  As 2013 fades into the distance, I have been revisiting old friends – books that have been my companions for these years; touchstones. They always have something new to tell me. In that liminality between winter solstice and the new year, they have been whispering of new beginnings. There are a tangle of threads that connect me to all the places I have been and the wonderful people in my life. May the new year bring blessings, comforts, pleasures, words and artmaking. Simplicity. [this space is held for becoming]